We are excited to welcome you to Along. As a hybrid-remote company based somewhere between Europe and the US, we have big goals and are currently founding a world class team to build out the core product for the launch of our rocket ship.

We love to hear from you ❤️

The magic behind Along

Along is a collaborative interface between sellers and buyers. It is built as a single source of truth for all sales related information that can be accessed by different people involved in the deal. We are fostering harmony in business relationships by focusing on cooperative problem-solving in decision-making and seeking solutions that are mutually inclusive.

Instead of keeping negotiation and agreements in back & forth emails and pdfs, Along simplifies the process in a cloud-based solution that is used as a road to purchase and aligns all stakeholders on the same page.

Along has 0 tolerance for discrimination or exclusion. We welcome people from all backgrounds, cultures, genders or races.

Along has 0 tolerance for discrimination or exclusion. We welcome people from all backgrounds, cultures, genders or races.

Our core team values

Our DNA is the core for all that we do at Along - we believe that a great product is ultimately linked to a great internal community and are therefore forming a world class team to join forces on the Along mission. Connection and kindness are core to our culture!

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Love your craft

We aim for a seamless and joyful product experience. The goal is to make a complex process feel simple. We keep asking why and we iterate constantly to solve the right problem, not just shipping work. 🎨

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Community first

We are team players and believe nothing great is built alone. As passionate builders, we believe in the magic of collaboration and create bridges to connect with each other and our users. 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

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Driver’s seat

Building Along is about taking initiative, being bolt and believing in the power of rethinking the status quo to innovate the sales space globally. We do not run a playbook, but we create our own! We have to think a process radically different and need to tackle big, scary & exciting challenges. 🚀

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In it together!

We help each other to achieve the collective mission, but to also support each other grow individually. As a humble and curious group of people, we reach our full potential and go beyond while sharing direct feedback to make this experience unforgettable. 🙏

<aside> 💡 We’re a team of makers who celebrate our differences and share a passion for our community. We are currently hiring for a hybrid-remote team with a main focus on Europe - ideally Berlin.


We are at the beginning of our journey and looking for like-minded people to jump on a crazy ride with us! Come join Along for an adventure 🙌

Our benefits for all employees

✅ Competitive salary & equity

✅ Health and wellness benefits

✅ Hybrid remote culture

✅ Regular team trips

✅ Home office equipment support

✅ Parental leave & fertility support

✅ Learning & development stipend

✅  Flexible work hours - we value outcome!